Paintless Dent Removal/Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a process done by our highly trained, I-CAR certified technicians who work on vehicle bodies to restore them to factory-like condition. There is little down time and the cost is a fraction of what body shops cost. PDR can be used to remove dents, dings, creases, and hail damage. 

PDR’s process may be complicated to the consumer, but to a technician who has an “eye” to assess the dent, a steady hand to use the tools, concentration to stay focused, and highly trained to repair the dent, it is easy.

First step is assessing the damage and determining if it can be effectively removed through PDR, where as 80-90% of all dents are. We prepare the area around the dent that will be repaired. We need to find a right pathway to the dent, which is usually accessing the dent from the backside. Once we have access to the dent, this is where our highly trained and skilled technicians come into play.

Dent Doctor uses a special PDR light that takes the glare off the dent to give our technicians a better perspective of the proper way to remove the dent. The light casts a shadow showing the technician precisely where to place the tools to be able to massage the dent out. Our professionally trained technicians use these tools to slowly work at the dent and by massaging the metal back to its original position. The PDR process can be quick and completed the same-day, depending on a dent’s severity.

Auto Body shops use filler, sanding, and painting to repair dents to make the vehicle look good, but it doesn’t address the actual dent in the long term. It is an expensive and time consuming process for the customer.

Paintless Dent Repair does not require fillers, sanding, or painting. PDR is an effective and inexpensive alternative to minor repairs that are done at a body shop. PDR is a better solution to dents on your vehicle than the traditional auto body shops because they address the dent directly.

Dent Doctor made its debut in 1995, with the only highly trained technicians that are I-CAR certified in the paintless dent removal business. All of our technicians have over 20 years experience in the automobile dent repair service. Remember, if your car is sick, call the Dent Doctor.